windows tips

Tips for using windows

(yeah yeah, sometimes you just have to use a hummer to drive down a smooth road)

Resource Monitor. Great for tracking which apps are using what on the network.
PSR. Problem Steps Recorder.
Snipping. Screen area grabber built into windows.
Win+P. For setting up projectors etc quickly.
Win+L. To lock your PC when you walk away.
ctrl+enter in a browser will add www and .com around your text.
shift+enter will do the same, but .net
ctrl+shift+enter will do .org
shift + left mouse click. more options
ctrl + tab. switch tabs in your browser.
win + pause/break. Opens windows system info.
ctrl + mouse scroll wheel. Zooms the web page font up/down (Getting old much?) ctrl+0 (thats a zero) will reset it back to 100%
ctrl + Alt + arrow. Flips screen (happens by ‘accident’ often, here as a reminder how to undo it).
ctrl + shift + esc Opens the task manager


To find out your Wifi password, open an Admin command prompt and;

netsh wlan show profile name=thebaldssid key=clear
To take a snapshot of your ENTIRE browser window in Firefox
  1. Shift +F2 to display the command line at the bottom line of the browser window (with a prompt that looks like this  >> )
  2. Type screenshot filename — fullpage and press enter.
  3. The window will be saved as a png file in your Downloads folder.

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