Satellite Dish

This page is out of date. Please go to my GitHub site: After much back and forth between Freddy and myself, we settled on a dish. I needed a 6 foot, she said 4 foot, so we bought a 5 foot, that way neither of us got what we wanted. Unfortunately, the guys website… Continue reading Satellite Dish

Long Endurance

Airbus have been testing a long endurance ‘aircraft’ in the backblocks of Arizona, my system has been tracking it. We have been tracking it the whole time, its just that its right on the edge of coverage of one of my systems, so every now and then it drops out, but picks up again,… Continue reading Long Endurance


UPDATE! I am writing up instructions and Node-RED flow code on my GitHub page: Turns out that aircraft blat out more than just their positions. They also send a lot of short messages that anyone can receive and to some extent decode and make some sense of. This has been keeping me busy for… Continue reading ACARS