Weeknotes 13

A day in the life of a satellite dish I am ashamed to say, but this silly little gif took a LOT more time and effort than I intended it to. It just became one of those rabbit hole time sinks where I just wanted to get it done to see if it was worth… Continue reading Weeknotes 13

Tracking Inmarsat 4-F3 with Node-RED

This page is out of date. Please go to my GitHub site: https://thebaldgeek.github.io/ For a year now I have been ‘tracking’ Inmarsat 4-F3 for my C-Band ADSC aircraft receiving ground station. It has been very crude tracking, but tracking none the less. I used a linear actuator with a position feedback resistor. Its worth noting… Continue reading Tracking Inmarsat 4-F3 with Node-RED