Drone antenna upgrade

I have had some issues with the DJI Phantom 3 Pro dropping the video feed to the ‘monitor’ ie, my phone. It is very very very very very very very very disconcerting when it drops as all the data goes with it (things like battery voltage, flight time remaining and so on). Sure, you just… Continue reading Drone antenna upgrade

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It flies.

Long story to this one, but I only have the last part, so will just tell you about that part of it. While in Australia, we got talking about drones with Gary and Dan. Drones are more Gary’s thing, but Dan is happy to go along for the ride, regardless, when the three of us… Continue reading It flies.

Back. Not back.

Can’t believe that it’s only been 3 and a bit weeks since I got back from the most epic Australian adventure ever. Have / having had a little bit of trouble getting my head around being back home, but nothing major. Throwing myself into some tech and that has helped a lot. The first week… Continue reading Back. Not back.

Drones, multirotor, quadcopters

Events have conspired to push us back into flying radio control aircraft. Specifically, drones, multirotor or quadcopters… They all the same thing, but people call them different names. Here is a quick recap of how this all came about. We shoot video case studies at work to highlight how companies use our gear to automate… Continue reading Drones, multirotor, quadcopters