Drone racing – first win

Back February we blogged about drone racing. We blogged about it twice, once to introduce it, and then again to say how hard it was. Well, this past weekend, the first world championship race was held in Dubai and it was won (fittingly?) by a 15 year old. It’s a two minute video, nice overview… Continue reading Drone racing – first win

Drone racing is hard

Hot on the heels of the last blog, comes a bit of a…. duh, you don’t say… Turns out flying a drone (using a camera in the drone and a pair of goggles on your head) is hard. http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2016/01/first-person-drone-racing-is-much-harder-than-i-expected/ FPV drone racing (also sometimes known as FPV quadcopter racing) is a new sport that has… Continue reading Drone racing is hard

Drone Racing

It’s getting a fair bit of traction over here. I think partly because (for the most part) it is held inside buildings. Why does this make a difference? Because America is armed and sue happy. A bunch of drones have been shot out of the sky and a bunch of drone pilots have been attacked… Continue reading Drone Racing