Bandwidth monitoring

I am still having trouble getting bandwidth monitoring (and alerting) working with The Dude. While Googling around for answers, I found this app recommended for the job; PRTG Network Monitoring Software I have installed it and have been running it for a week now. Very nice in a lot of ways. Sadly, super super… Continue reading Bandwidth monitoring

Mesh Wifi

I am not totally thrilled with the Wifi coverage in my house. I am not the only one having this issue. Seems houses over here (in California) are built, then covered in chicken wire, then sprayed with cement. The net result of which is that WiFi coverage in two story houses is terrible. My router… Continue reading Mesh Wifi

Landcruiser wifi network

I have been watching this sort of wireless mesh network for a while now, and will probably blog about it in the future, but I came across this and had to smile. Good on the Aussies and Toyota.