Amazing Progress

Wow. This sure is some amazing progress…. The guys at Boston Dynamics are at it again with another amazing video showing off their latest robotic feats. Be sure and watch it till the very end. Just trying to think about the programming of this makes my head hurt… and then I start to try and… Continue reading Amazing Progress

Robot face

Since you guys loved the last robot video so much, here is another that is sure to either inspire you, or really really creep you out. I think mostly all the detail you need is in the video, so won’t bother wall-o-texting you with it. Personally, I like it. A lot. But then I am… Continue reading Robot face

The future is here. Now.

Please please please (Dad, you included when you have the spare bandwidth) check out this ENTIRE video. It’s only a few minutes, but you need to see the start to really be blown away at the end. I gota admit that I teared up (just a little) watching this…. Both from joy and wonder. It… Continue reading The future is here. Now.