Home Solar – Take 5

Well, for the 5th time we had a guy come into our house and run the numbers for a solar system. Bleh. Long story short, we use enough power to require a 8kw system, which fills most of the roof (honestly, its so scattered all over the roof that even I said it was an… Continue reading Home Solar – Take 5

Interesting price structure

Well, I will give it some credit at face value… This is could really shake things up in a good way. Well done Aussies, well done. http://reneweconomy.com.au/why-solar-towers-and-storage-plants-will-reshape-energy-markets-73278/#undefined.uxfs The 150MW solar tower and molten salt storage plant to be built in Port Augusta has been made possible by a ground-breaking pricing and contract structure that could… Continue reading Interesting price structure

Face west to feed the duck curve

This one caught me out….. http://midwestenergynews.com/2017/08/03/to-solve-duck-curve-missouri-utility-to-pay-bonus-for-west-facing-solar-panels/ To solve ‘duck curve,’ Missouri utility to pay bonus for west-facing solar panels. In an effort to better align solar-energy production with peak demand, the electric utility in Columbia, Missouri has begun to pay higher rebates for new west-facing arrays than it will for those facing south. Fantastically simple.… Continue reading Face west to feed the duck curve

Solar traffic jam

The solar eclipse on the 21st is getting some press over here. I liked this guys take on it. http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/traffic-congestion-predictions-maps-eclipse-august-21-2017 In short, he thinks there is going to be a whopper of a traffic jam. Traffic, along with weather, will be the chief challenges for people wanting to see the total solar eclipse of August… Continue reading Solar traffic jam