Solar duck curve

I really need to get to that blog about the duck curve… But it just ain’t going to happen between now and the 21st. Ok Ok, here is the quick version. We have so much solar in California, Hawaii and Australia that each day, the sun rises and the power stations have to produce less… Continue reading Solar duck curve

Tesla wins the bid

We blogged about this back on March 15th; The bidding war is over and Tesla won. Earlier this year, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declared a national energy emergency as parts of the country were under prolonged power outages over the last year due to its unstable grid. South Australia got it worst… Continue reading Tesla wins the bid

Google Project Sunroof

This one is pretty interesting if you are into solar (or are thinking about getting it). Google are rolling out a website that shows the amount of sun that YOUR roof will get. It is very personal and as such does not cover every city in the world (yet). I actually heard about it… Continue reading Google Project Sunroof