Ubiquiti VPN

If you recall I blogged about setting up a VPN on a Raspberry Pi a few blogs back….. There is a new product being ‘released’ sort of todayish. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/724114234/amplifi-teleport-the-home-wi-fi-that-covers-the-wo Yes yes, my names thebaldgeek and I am addicted to Kickstarter… Ok, happy now? I said it. Again. Out loud… Moving on. AmpliFi Teleport provides a… Continue reading Ubiquiti VPN

SoftEther VPN

I wanted to get a VPN working into my home network and after looking at a few, I settled on SoftEther. First we tried setting it up on a Windows 10 Laptop, after 2 hours, we had to give up. Last night I ran a script I found on the web on a spare Pi… Continue reading SoftEther VPN