Inflamed Depression

Could inflammation cause depression? Researchers: Depression May Be a Physical Illness Linked to Inflammation Although current treatments for depression mostly focus on brain chemicals such as serotonin, scientists now think inflammation throughout the entire body (triggered by an overactive immune system) may be the root cause of the problem. Widespread inflammation, they posit, could be… Continue reading Inflamed Depression

Depression Diet

I think we eat pretty well. Roughly based around the Paleo diet, I am the fittest I have ever been. I don’t think it’s any surprise to any of you that I struggle with a bit of depression, so it was that I was led to read this article. Clinical Trial Finds Diet Works for… Continue reading Depression Diet

Crowdsourced depression treatments

I never knew about this website; About CureTogether Imagine patients around the world coming together to share quantitative information on over 500 medical conditions. They talk about sensitive symptoms and compare which treatments work best for them. They track their health. New research discoveries are made based on the patient-contributed data. This is happening… Continue reading Crowdsourced depression treatments