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Here is a nice write up on my mate John. He has invited me up to LA to check out the set for Avatar, I just need to find the time to drive up and take a tour. Should be pretty interesting (and cool).

Netflix price hike in Australia

Feeling like second class citizens or lab rats of late down south? Well, you should be. Netflix has tested upping Australian prices by as much as AU$3 over weekends, increasing its Basic plan from AU$8.99 to AU$9.99 a month. “We continuously test new things at Netflix and these tests typically vary in length of… Continue reading Netflix price hike in Australia


Matt B knows of my love for the Redbox… and I am sure I have mentioned it in the past…. (Just did a search, not so much on the mentions)…. So, its a phone box sized box that you rent movies and computer games from. We like it for two reasons, firstly, they get the… Continue reading Redbox

Movie – The Revenant

Long and depressing. The whole thing is just one long story about killing for revenge. Not that beautifully shot (some bits are, but it’s so inconsistent that it’s hard to fall in love with the nice bits), but easy to see how ‘horrible’ a shoot it must have been to be part of. Not a… Continue reading Movie – The Revenant

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Movie – Hateful Eight

We are pretty big Quentin Tarantino fans. Pretty sure we have seen everything he has done. We own a few of them as well…. Stands to reason than that as soon as Redbox had this one, we grabbed it. What can I say…. It is text book Quentin. Lots of dialog, insanely beautiful shots,… Continue reading Movie – Hateful Eight

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