Computer in a computer

For lots of convoluted self imposed (and self created) reasons I have moved my website between computers.Gary’s very kind gift back in 2013 ( was in need of a refresh and I have been wanting to play more with virtual computers, so yeah, the past few weeks (months?) have spun up a new Linux computer… Continue reading Computer in a computer

Weeknotes 28

Covid No one wants to read about it or people sick with it. I just wanted to point out how well made we are. My body fought the thing off all on its own. No downloads or external updates required. Everything it needed was already in there. It also did it without my help. I… Continue reading Weeknotes 28

Weeknotes 26

L-Band antenna I am still building and steadily selling the L-Band helix antennas. They are heading all over the world. Canada, USA, Australia and the UK. The black one in the middle is headed for Darwin. Its a different color because Terry ran out of white filament. Its also different because the guy wants to… Continue reading Weeknotes 26