100% renewable grid

What are you guys up to down there? Seems that the ANU has been paid to build a report that states Australia can run with a 100% renewable energy grid. Or so states the article I read on the ABC website. I am sure the guys that did the study are smart guys, but yikes….… Continue reading 100% renewable grid

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Ron Allum

Its a bit old, but I just came across this write up of Ron…. Thought it to be really well done and so here it is. http://www.australiaunlimited.com/environment/the-man-who-built-james-cameron-a-foam-submarine He is described as a bush mechanic but a marine mechanic is perhaps more fitting: an Aussie with a love of the world beneath the ocean’s surface and… Continue reading Ron Allum

Airbag recall

Not sure if this has hit Australia as much as it has over here, but there has been a problem with air bags that blow shrapnel as well as the bag when they deploy. Since the company that makes the bag supplies to a lot of automakers, pretty much all brands of cars have been… Continue reading Airbag recall

Russian Standard Vodka

Huh, go figure… I put off blogging about Vodka for the longest time because I thought that no one would be all that interested, and because I thought it did not really fit in with a techy geeky blog….. Seems I was wrong… (Yeah yeah, I know, I know, you want to hear about what interests me….… Continue reading Russian Standard Vodka

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