Idaho Wedding Reception

We took a week off work and went up to Idaho to spend time with Amy and Cole, hang out with their family and friends and also take photos of Amy and Cole. Since a photo can save me typing thousands of words, lets just jump into the photos. The main cabin in the background,… Continue reading Idaho Wedding Reception

Catalina Island

Freddy and I decided to get away for a few days together. (Its been a while – yeah yeah). Our destination for no reason other than we both wanted to see it… Catalina Island. Its due west of Dana Point, not far off the coast, but far enough to make it a little interesting. Of… Continue reading Catalina Island

Idaho – June 2018

We had been planning this trip for about 4 months… Pinning down the date took the longest time. Amy and Cole were busy on the 4th July (Wednesday), so that took that set of dates off the books…. Anyway, the week after was chosen way back and we stuck to the date. Training at Opto… Continue reading Idaho – June 2018

Conargo pub lost to fire

Matt B just tipped me off via Skype, the Conargo pub as been destroyed in a fire overnight!!!!! One of the Riverina’s most iconic pubs, the Conargo Hotel, has been destroyed by fire. Rural Fire Service crews were called to the village north of Deniliquin on Tuesday night, but when they arrived the pub… Continue reading Conargo pub lost to fire

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Grand Canyon. The short version.

I got rained out. Home after 2 days rather than the planed 4. Hey, I still hiked 28 miles of the Canyon, pretty sure I am going to lose both big toenails. Exciting stuff…. On the upside, the trip report will be quicker to write…..