External HDMI monitor

Yet another video, this one is a bit shorter and has a bit more action in it. Point is, we are really cranking out the video content. Trying to hit 2 a week. Its amazing how much work goes into each of these videos that you don’t really see. The script writing, the getting of… Continue reading External HDMI monitor

Up for air – sorta

Well, that’s the travel mostly done. Freddy and I are going to take some personal time and are headed out to the Grand Canyon for a few days at the end of the month to spend some quiet time together. Other than that, we are just super busy at work with the new product launch.… Continue reading Up for air – sorta

Tesla big battery

Lots to talk about here, but hard to say just how many people would be excited about the frequency of the grid in Australia…. So we will keep it (a little) under control. Tesla big battery outsmarts lumbering coal units after Loy Yang trips. The Tesla big battery is having a big impact on Australia’s… Continue reading Tesla big battery

MQTT on Edge

Another video is done and posted…. This time, it’s me talking about the exact steps you need to do to configure MQTT on the Ignition Edge Gateway that is the groov Box. Paul once again has done a fantastic job editing this and making me look like I know what I am talking about. We… Continue reading MQTT on Edge