Iris and focus…..

Tonight I adjusted the iris and tweaked the focus.
eta carinae

Here you see one of my favorite patches of the sky, Eta Carinae.
Its looking a little worse for ware since it was football practice night, and this patch of the sky is due south, and due south looks over the oval flood lights. While I have a dew / light shield over the front of the scope, its not long enough to cut out the reflections of these lights. They only practice Thursday nights for a few hours, so its not enough to really throw it all off.

Still, not bad for a free telescope. It’s still my primary scope. The 4” can not see anywhere near as deep as this set up. I am still planing on putting the 4” into a housing and putting it on the roof as well / in place of this one.

Anyway, just a short note to say its back up and running and adjusted about the best it can be.