Map of the loop.

Here is a Google map of the loop that I have been taking of late.
There is street view data available for most of it, if you have a good internet connection, and a few minutes, click around on it, you might hit on some of the really nice bits. Other wise, just wait for the edited YouTube version. (I have unpacked my little camera, but have hit a snag with the mounting of it (and the GPS)). Not sure when I will get to it, but thought that you might be interested in looking at where it is for a start.
Point ‘A’ is our apartment if you are looking for a reference. I will make more of an effort to time it next time around, my guess its a little over an hour.
For the moment, I go straight ahead at point ‘D’ to point ‘B’, this is what I call ‘forward’.
Anyway, just thought yous might like to see where on the planet
the loop is……….