Cool and quite……..

My sister hassled me today about the lack of blogs…….

Been relaxing in some ways, the kids have been a church camp, so its just been Freddy and I. Cant believe that a week has passed since we were away with Sean and Pam.

I got sick of the screaming computer fan (its running flat out most of the time trying to keep the thing cool) about a month ago, but I was not happy with the price of CPU coolers in Temecula, so we have just been putting up with it.
Had to go to San Marcos to try and get some paper work sorted for Freddys driving license (blog coming), well, Frys is down that way, so I took the opportunity to get one from there.
I installed it on Sunday afternoon (Matt B noticed the web site and cameras were down…..Garry must have been out riding my his bike).
Wow, what a difference. You can hardly hear the computer at all now, and its running much better. The CPU was between 70° and 80°C before, now it does not budge above 40°C. So I hope that solves a lot of my problems.

We are going to get the kids this evening. They are going to be at Long Beach around 9pm. It will be a bit of a drive for us, but Im sure they will keen to get back in their own beds.
We are not sure how the camp went, so I am looking forward to hearing all about it on the drive home. Assuming they do not fall asleep in the car!

Thats been about it. We washed the bike. We made up a budget (Guess which was more fun). We watched some movies (unlimited internet, gota love it).

I am still keen to see if I can get a web page up about our trip rather than do the usual blog entry and have the photos on Picasa. I want to start doing what I had done for the old Goldwing and that is a web page per trip…… First I need to make a new menu item for the new bike. Im running Dreamweaver on XP on a VMware computer on my Linux computer (Yeah, yeah, thats enough out of you Gary). Translation for my sister, Im running two computers, one real, one fake, the web stuff is on the fake one. Anyway, for some reason Dreamweaver has not picked up my site template and I am having unfun getting it sorted.

Thats about it for now. Will give the short version of the kids time at camp when we get it and will keep trying to get the trip report up.