The Dark Knight.

Watched the dark knight last night……… There is two and a bit hours of my life I would like to get back………
Its down there with the worst 10 movies ever, down there with Wall.E, Sphere, Happy Feet, Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2 and 3 and well past  Ultraviolet.

Twisted dark plot that never really went any where. Two stunts in the whole movie. Endless monologue about good, bad and chaos.

I was mildly bored by the constant parallel that it ran with the last Star Wars. It was like they could not think of anything original….. getting burnt, losing the love of your life, turning to the dark side at the flip of a coin, hurting / killing woman and kids.
Batmans girlfriend looked old enough to be his mother, it caused me to squirm when he kissed her on the lips. Gross.
Constant pointless killing right from the start. Batman ticking off those that helped make him. Least the way it ended it looks like they have killed it off. It will never resurface to be a patch on the first one.

Anyway, all in all, really lame and very boring long pointless movie.