News flash!!!!

We just survived our first ever earth quake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing! It was pretty strong. It was a 5.8!!!!!!
We are all good. The Opto building shook like made, Freddy tells me the apartment did the same.
Anyway, we are not ‘near’ the epicenter (it was about 40 miles to the north, we drive through it to get to church each week!) so it was pretty gentle by the time it got here.
It started with a sudden jolt and then turned into what the locals call a ‘roller’. The building got up a nice sway, it was hard to tell when it finished exactly because the building probably kept swaying for a few seconds after. The whole event seem to last for about 45 seconds. There was plenty of time for us all to be talking about while it was happening.
Nothing fell off any shelfs either here or at home.

So, there you have it. Thats some pretty good blog fodder right there!
In other news, I got the front tier changed on the bike, so now I just have to bolt it back on tonight and arrange to get the car serviced.