Rants and raves?……No, just rants…..

Ok, if you are American, you can turn away, or you can take a deep breath and read on. (You have been warned).

While I work in America, I dont ‘live’ with Americans. I have just come back from a 9 day conference where I spent a great deal more time than 9-5 with a bunch of Americans. For better or worse, it has only cemented in my mind the conclusions that were forming over the past 6.5 months.
Americans generally (there are always exceptions, I am not talking about them) only like to talk about them selfs, they don’t like to listen to others. They like large groups where there is little chance to sit long enough to really talk about anything meaningful. They have very small worlds and largely don’t care or know about whats going on outside that small world. They think their world is bigger than what it is.
Thats probably enough for now…..

The 9 days went well enough. I got to take over 900 photos. I have edited that down to 616 which you can see in the two ‘Del Mar’ albums in my Picasa Web site.
I will blog more of the past activities over the next few days, its pretty busy at work and at home (more on why its busy at home after we catch up on the past 9 days).