I totally agree with my boss, Thanksgiving is a pretty cool thing, and its one of the best holidays on the American calendar. Why? “Because there is no religion involved, no gifts, its just about food, drink, family and football”. While I only watched a little of the football, it was a great afternoon in all other respects.

We drove up to Steve and Karries yesterday afternoon after a relaxing morning (well, semi relaxing, there are a bunch of things for us to do before we move!). We got there to find they were having a bit of a turkey cook-off. We had baked turkey, grilled turkey and deep fried turkey….. After seeing all those birds, Amy has decided to rename Thanksgiving to be ‘Turkey Holocaust’……… It was great to see my uncle and aunt from Texas there, and also my cousin Jo from Connecticut (NY). Before long, many from Karries family also arrived, it was nice to meet them after hearing a little of them over the past few months.
It was a beautiful meal, my back was giving me curry for the past few days (have been sleeping rather than treadmilling) and it was not happy about the drive up, so it took the shine off the evening a bit for me. We came back through heavy traffic about 9:30pm last night.
We are heading back up on Saturday for take two on Sunday, this time with the other side of the family, its not often we are all in town, so we need to make the most of it…… wonder if we will have BBQ turkey this time????
I have been noticing that a few people have been circulating lists of things they are thankful about, I was going to do said same, but now that I come to actually do it, my list seems a little odd ball, so I will spare you some of the weird things I am thankful for.

Hope to start packing up the technical side of things today. I also hope to get a ride in, but the weather looks very unfriendly. I was thinking of riding up to Palomar, but when I checked this morning, it was 4.3 Deg C up there, and I just dont have the gear for that!
For retailers and shopper alike, today is called ‘Black Friday’, there are massive price cuts and huge crowds at most stores. They opened at 5am this morning, which is very rare for shops (usually they open late (~10am) and close late (~10pm, yes, thats right, we get late night shopping every night in America), I don’t want to go anywhere near a shop today, but Terry needs some parts for one of his foam dart guns, so we may have to brave the mobs and see what we can find.

The voip phone is broken. I have no idea whats wrong with it, but I get no LED when the phone is off hook. This has thrown me for a bit of a spin, I have no idea how I am going to fix or replace the VOIP interface if thats whats faulty…… Anyway, dont bother calling me, and sorry I cant call you!

Photos (by Planet Amy) of the afternoon can be found here.
I have a video of the lowering of the bird into the boiling oil on Freddys camera which is sitting on the bench at Steves, so you will have to wait for the video……..

I totally agree with my boss, what a kewl holiday.

(Next year, I want to try and stick with plan A which was to drive up to Brian Head Utah and look at some stars from 9000 feet (bet its not a new moon weekend next year!))