Thanks Dan.

My Canadian mate from Ballarat came to visit over the weekend.
He was on his way back from visiting his family in Canada with his daughter Ebony. They are now on day 2 of three days at Disneyland.
I worked up some extra time and left work a little early on Friday, Amy and I drove up to LAX to pick them up.
We then got stuck in the usual Friday evening traffic and it took about 2 and 3/4 hours to do a 1 and 3/4 hour trip…… But no matter, we had a great time talking in the car and the extra time was not noticed at all.

Once we got back Dan handed over a nice gift of white chocolate and a bottle of port. The port was wrapped in bubble wrap. I thought it was ‘just an Australian port’, but after getting the bubble wrap off, I found that it was nothing less than a bottle of white port from Mount Buninyong winery…… I have to confess that seeing Dan again, and knowing that he had bought this bottle, then lugged it to Canada and back for me was all a bit much and I had a little cry. It was a very moving moment in the kitchen. Thanks Dan.

The next day Ebony was happy to chill for a bit and so the kids and Freddy hung out at home while Dan and I went for a drive….. No guesses where I took him……..

Dan meets the hale telescope

It was a beautiful day up on the mount. I’m pretty sure Dan enjoyed his visit. We met a few of the other Docents and had some time on the dome catwalk.
We headed back the ‘long’ way to show Dan some more of the country that is around Temecula. He is under strict orders to try and give Gary a feel for the roads that I love so much to ride….. The YouTube and videos can only impart so much (when they get posted).
We did not waste the time, having a fantastic conversation about the different things we have been challenged with in our lives over the past 10 months.
Once we got back home we had a food platter in the back yard under the gazabo when we got back. Ebony saw her first humming bird. Dan bought us Mexian food for dinner which we enjoyed by the fire pit.
We all really enjoyed the beautiful SoCal winter weather.

The next day we just hung out at home as we needed to leave after lunch to get them up to Disneyland around 3pm.

dan and ben have coffee

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It was fantastic to just hang out together.
We spent some time on the computer and got a few things sorted. It was just like no time had passed at all. This time I sort of kept up with some of the Linux commands, and made notes of the commands that were new to me….. It was a little hard not knowing when he was going to be back to bail me out of trouble again.
We tinkered in the garage a little, looked at some woodwork I need to do.
Before we knew it, it was time to say ‘see ya’ out the front of the motel over the road from Disney.

Thanks for making the time to stop by Dan, and thanks for the port.