1 Year.

One year ago today was my first day at work.
Its been an amazing year, a really wild ride. I never could, even in my most wild dreams, have imagined what Opto could be used for.
You pretty much name it, and there is someone over here doing it with Opto 22 hardware and software.
One of the many that sticks out in my mind is that a customer is using it to make high power lasers that will be used for communications between submarines when they are at the depths of the oceans. …. How cool (and seemingly off the wall) is that!
I really get a huge kick out of hearing about these applications, its about as far removed from air-conditioning as you can get!

On to something slightly different now…..
I came across this web site a month or so ago. You input text and it spits back an image of the text. Each word is sized to the frequency of the word.

The more a word is used, the bigger it is….. I got to thinking that it would be cool to poke my blog at it. Just the blog entries from when we arrived over to the states….. so, here it is;

The big words jump out, just, get, time….. and so on…. Its interesting for two reasons, 1. Its a little arty and my sister will just about fall off her seat to see and hear me say that and 2. I think it is a really interesting way to show the ‘weight’ of my words since arriving in this country.
For example, the things I thought were pretty big, I really have not blogged about, traffic, weather, apartment, Palomar for example are all really small (so is family and kids……errrrr, ok, so I don’t blog about them much, but rest assured that I am spending more time with them than I ever have (that’s one of those more personal changes that I have not blogged about topics)).
Anyway, before we get all gooy and over analyze this thing, I just wanted to point out the link to the site and my results. I think its pretty cool.

Anyway, I bought cupcakes with little Australian flags on them to celebrate my year at Opto.
The date will be remembered for two reasons now, 1 year at Opto and Matt powered up his new home theater amplifier (and I was not there because I am here).

I wonder what calls I will get today???