Blog Readers.

Talking with my old mate Matt from Uranquinty the other day…… we got talking about my blog…..
Looking at the comments, it would seem to say that I have 14 people that have commented.
I know my Dad reads my blog, and 1-2 others that have commented on the phone to me that they keep up with it.
Some of those 14 have not commented for a longish time, so it might be fair to say that they have stopped reading my blog (and frankly, who could blame them)…… So we might, as I did, conclude that I have about 10 people following this blog….

I never started this blog to become the most read bald geek on the web. If you asked me when I first started it, I would have said something like ‘I wanted somewhere on line to drop a few thoughts’. That was about it. I have always enjoyed keeping a bit of a diary, but not the level of my sister, just some thoughts that seem significant enough to take the time to jot down.
It was good for trips over seas, good for bike trips and of course once we moved to the States, it was ‘perfect’ for keeping a record for what we experienced and for open letters to home…. No doubt in my mind that it has served that purpose very well. I sometimes go back over the past 15 months and see what I was thinking at that time, its been a pretty amazing experience and its good to be able to go back and look a little inside my head.

Anyway, back to my call from Matt…. He shocked the socks off me when he told me that some bloke in Uranquinty bailed his sister Lizzy up the other day and asked ‘Whats up with Ben?’ (or words to that effect)..!!!!!
Seems that this guy has been following my blog for some time now and had noticed a change in my style of blogging and was a little concerned…. How amazing is that!?!
So, to the hereto unknown blog follower of downtown Uranquinty, mate, thanks for your concern, Im going ok. A tad busy, but slowly getting the hang of life over here and getting my head around all the changes that have occurred.
Im not saying that I will ever blog the same, but I think that’s the point of this blog. Once a week or so, we get to see a little look (trust me, you DON’T want to hear EVERYTHING going on in my head, I don’t even want to go there on my own!) at what life is dishing out for one person. I am really humbled that you took the time to ask Lizzy how I was going.
I never even considered the possibility that anyone out side my small circle of friends would be reading this, I promise that it won’t go to my head.

Lastly, Im told that my new friend found my site from the Uranquinty weather data that Matt and I tinker with on my web site. Rest assured mate that we know the weather data is broken, Matt and I are talking over our options and trouble shooting his station almost on a daily basis (the world really is small in some regards). Should not be down too much longer we hope.

Thanks to all my blog readers, both those that comment and those that don’t. Glad to have you along for the ride.