Caught up?

I dont think you ever fully catch up in this part of the world, but I think this week I have made a good solid attempt at it…..
Taking two weeks off (with only 4 work days in between) can cause the emails and stuff to back up that’s for sure.
Anyway, I am mostly there…. The in-box is not down to empty, but then it was not empty when I left.

So, the week off for the church conference was good. Lots of things to talk about. One of which I will expand about in there a bit in due course. I was not swamped with sound and photography this year and so had a real break which was sooo nice. I think I am more relaxed now than I have been for years.
I did manage to take 50 photos, mostly all of them taken at a family picnic we had. You can see them on my Picasa web album. (Which I am disliking more and more, soon as I get some time I will look at hosting all my photos on my web server!).

Work has been busy catching up. Wanted to get some things done Friday and the guy I need help from was away for the day, so that will have to wait till next week. Going to be a busy week as we have a guy from Germany coming for 2 days private training which I am giving. Then there will be the usual things and the web stuff I wanted to do on Friday…. yeah, I can see next week flowing over in to the week after….. again…….

Things at home are Okish. A certain some one has let her grades slip a little so we are working to see what we can do. Terry has started playing a few little computer games on the computer. We don’t let him have too much time on them, and I am glad that we don’t have a very good computer so they run a little clunky, which is ‘good’. (Mind you, the graphics are so stunning that I wish we could see them in their full glory). Amy’s fish died this morning, that’s a little sad. She really loved it. I really want to get a hamster, so we will float the idea past her and see what she thinks. (If we do, I can see a hamster cam on the cards, just like we have our humming bird cam now).

Enjoyed driving the Rover for a whole week. I want to tweak the suspension a little, its not as tight as it should be. There is a squeek in the back some where that is annoying. And the wood panel trim is driving me mad, I don’t even want to know what they were thinking when they went with that!!!! (Been looking on the web how to remove the different bits of trim so I can do something with them).
Enjoyed getting back on the bike after a week off….. I was going to blog about it, but did not have time, it rained here on Monday. It was soo nice driving the Rover to work having the stereo faithfully reproduce some vocal trance (Beautiful Things by Andain) while the rain rivletts where making their way up the windscreen, I could have driven all day. I was just so beautiful…. I got teased when I got to work for not riding the bike, but, hey, I was warm, dry and safe…. anyway, I made up for it over the rest of the week. It was back up to its usual 100°F (37.7°C) and clear skies. I have to fess up and admit that I have VERY light scuffed both new foot pegs. I have changed how I corner a little and have managed to not touch the pegs since the first time on each side…. anyway, its nice to drive and its nice to ride, they both have their advantages.

Off to Pasadena for church tomorrow and Palomar for tours on Sunday. The days are getting shorter, day light saving ends Nov 1st, I am ready for winter.