Busy times.

This week has been pretty busy. Freddy had the chance to travel to Virgina with Hope to visit an old friend. So we were one down at home, and an important one at that. Freddy really keeps the place humming.
I was hoping to use the time to get the web server computers swapped over, and it sort of worked.
Work got busy, and so I ended up doing a few longer days. Also Hope dropped off three computers that needed some TLC while she was gone.
Between that and needing to cook, clean and get a photo a day, I was pretty busy.
So, 1 of Hopes computers is going, the web site is running off the new computer, but its not got Temecula and Uranquinty weather back up yet, work is almost where it needs to be, none of us starved to death, all in all, I would have to call it a successful week.
I pick Freddy and Hope up from the airport late tonight. Early Tuesday morning, Bob, Benson and myself fly out to Boston to change out the computer that we have been working on for a few months.
The three of us head back late Thursday evening….. So, if you see that I don’t get my photo’s up, you know why. I will have my camera with me, that much is sure, so will upload them when I get home and get a moment.

The new computer is a ripper. I am really happy with it. Have not done any hard testing, but seat of the pants surfing seems to show a really good lift in the speed that my web pages are served up to all you surfers.
It is also a delight to use as a desk top computer again. So thats a real lift for me. I was using Freddy’s laptop a lot and it was a little annoying for her at night to have me on her computer.
When we get a house I am really hoping that we can have the computer in a more central place, rather than stuck upstairs in a room. The photo a day is really becoming a social thing with Zim and I talking across the table while we do our photo thing. Plus I can be with the family while getting a few things done…. Anyway, we will see what we end up with.
I will do a separate blog on buying a house its a really crazy experience….. and we are not done yet, we are just up to the ‘looking at’ stage.

So the only other things I could add would be really geeky and we all know how boring that is……
I have a few blog topics about life and such that I will get too as soon as I can (hint, don’t hold your breath).

So, we are cleaning the house, trying to get the computers physically swapped, uploading photos and blogs so that we are clear to go and get Freddy and Hope this evening.