New web site.

If you cant see it, hold down your ‘ctrl’ key, and hit the F5 key.

Its a start. I was about 8 months over the old one. So far I like the new one.
If only because it seems so much faster than the old one!

I looked at going with something web2.0, but in the end, retro, lean and fast won out. Again.
Just ask my son Terry, I am always on about function over form. Sure, its not as flashy as some ajax/ruby on rails, drupal, java scrip heavy site, but its simple, clean and fast.

Feel free to complain. I am a lot better at ignoring that sort of thing these days, but go ahead, you might feel better afterwards.

I have a few ideas in mind… I want more interactive stuff to play with on my site…. so, keep an eye out for them some time next year…. (at the rate I get to this sort of stuff.. I will be lucky to have it going by then.. but hey, dreams are cheep).