Going North.


Sitting at the airport at the moment, got just under an hour till my flight leaves for San Francisco. Heading up to Marin County to install some gear for a demo. We are going to be listening over the internets for a special signal, when we get it, we switch off a couple hundred tons of chiller.
The tv at the airport has continous coverage of the tornados sweeping the middle of the country. They are taking a pounding, with no end in sight. Of course other parts are undergoing the worst flooding in about 50 years…….. I better stop complaining about the lack of weather in Temecula…… Right now its clear blue skies and 73 (23) DEG. Typically beautiful.

We should be back on Thursday.
This weekend is the first long weekend of the year. We plan to get a few more things finished up in the garden (ie fish pond), and go to Hopes for a barbie on monday.

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