If you have been watching my 365 Project at all on Facebook, you would have seen a few shots on the topic of ‘Skyrim’.
If not, here is the un-boxing sequence I did for it;

unboxing skyrim

It was a big night… Terry has been looking forward to the game arriving for a year. The past month before it arrived we had a daily count down and he was just about unbearable to live with.

So, now that it here, and he has shown me a few things, I thought I would (should?) take a moment and explain to the non-gaming world just what it is and why there was so much excitement about its arrival.

I have already mentioned its a computer game… You are a character roaming a world, on a series of quests. That’s it. There is no real start, no real end.
This game is a little different in that area. There is no princess to rescue and the game is over, no mighty beast to fight or free the villages from the bad guy, but there is plenty of either of those if you want to play it that way.
Skyrim is unique in that you can freely roam around the world and can interact with all of the characters as you please. Its the largest ‘world’ of its kind.
This is the core reason for its appeal. No bumming into fake walls, the programmers way of saying ‘you cant do that, you cant go there’.
Its pretty amazing.

I was not sure how to convey all this too you all until Terry sent me an email this morning with a link to a video of a time laps that the folks over at Eurogamer did.
Here is the link to both their blub about the video and the video itself.
If you have the bandwidth, please please PLEASE watch it in high def full screen. Its worth it. (Dad, I will describe it next time I ring).
Remember, this video just shows just 44 of the hundreds of locations in the world.

Anyway, bottom line, Terry has not been disappointed.
He has worked hard (4.33 GPA) and as long as he keeps that, he can explore the world of Skyrim to his hearts desire…..

(Coopurr thinks its pretty good too)