The local paper.

The local news paper sent a reporter to Opto last week to do a blurb on Opto’s involvement in the sub.
They did a really careful job of fact checking and such and it really shows in the article…. A few weeks back the other local paper did a telephone interview and article, it was so bad that I wanted to email the guy and ask him to change a few things to make it ‘right’, but never did… Clearly he had done it in a hurry and with little thought/care and had moved on.
In contrast, this journalist had done their job and it really shows.

The photo for the article was taken in the studio where we do the videos by the newspaper photographer. It was his idea to put all the Opto parts around me. Came out really well.
The video section also came up really well, again, just a testament not to me, but to the skills of the journalist and the video editor.

The print part made it into the business section of the paper on the weekend.

Nice to see quality work.