OptoBot reboot

Had a good day yesterday.
Spent the day getting my fathers day present finished off and getting some Opto gear configured.
We ended up having Fathers Day on Mothers Day this year….
We went looking for some hardware for Freddy on Mothers Day, but the shop was shut. Meanwhile, the car audio shop was around the corner and I have been chasing parts to get the sub woofer in the back going for a while, but never had time after work to go to the shop… Well, they ended up cutting us a pretty good deal… a “Mothers Day Special” if you will and so Freddy bought me my fathers day present a little early.
So, Sunday I got things wrapped up. This is important as I have been really focused on finishing a job before starting another. So far its been working really well.
Anyway, since Sunday was also the first day of summer holidays for Terry, he was up till 5am gaming, so he did not surface until around lunch time… thus Freddy had to handle the power tools with me…..
The challenge was to get the new 6.5 inch sub woofers to fit in the 6.5 inch hole that the old 6.5 inch sub woofers came out of.
You would think that 6.5 is 6.5 is 6.5, but no. Somehow people manage to come up with all sorts of different measurements for 6.5 inches.
Long story short, I had to make some 6.5 inch adapter rings to get them to fit. Hence the power tools.
To be fair, my mate Dan did offer to make some adapter rings for me and hand deliver them. Yeah, Dan is heading to Canada for his almost yearly trip home to see his folks and will be in town this weekend (really looking forward to seeing him let me tell you).
Anyway, while he could have delivered, I did not want to load him up with the job of cutting them, and I am getting to the point where I need to start to work this sort of thing out with what I have on hand.

Here is how we solved the problem. We bought some 6.5 inch adapter rings off Amazon and sanded them down to be 6.5 inches to fit my 6.5 inch speakers.
Thus Freddy (in her PJ’s, it was pretty cute) held the trigger on the sander and I had clamps on the sander and the black table height adjuster so that I could sand off just the bit I needed to fit the sub woofer enclosure in the car.
As if that was simple enough. I put the whole thing together only to find that the location I mounted the new amp in hit the mud guard and that I could not bolt the bracket in place with the CD player mounted, so I had to pull the whole thing apart and start again (pretty much).
Thus, once again, to do the job right, a one hour job took around 5.
But, no matter, by late lunch, we had some nice bass back in the car and was ready to tackle the next job…. getting the robot arm on Opto and the web….