So today I am getting teased from the kids about being old….. As if some switch was thrown last night and all of a sudden I am a year older today than yesterday……
Im glad that my kids have a personality and can give me a bit of stick now and then, I think it keeps me humble.

Anyway, the older I get, the more looking back we do.
This year, I worked out that I have spent 18% of my working life here in the States.
This, more than suddenly being a year older, took me a little by surprise. Not sure why.
It sure feels like I have aged more than 4.5ish years than in any other time period put together.

In other news, I want answer my Dads question about the computer, but to do so, I need a photo and in order to get that photo, I need some person I dont know to do some programming…. will make the call on Monday and see if we cant get it all to happen. Tust me, it will all make sense in the end…..