Twitter feed

Its no secret…. That despite the mocking I get from my two ….um… kids… I really do like Twitter.
I think it fits with my desire to get to the chase as quick as possible.
Yes, there are a lot of ‘what I had for breakfast’ posts on there (Im looking at you @thelonelypie and @pebble), but if it gets too much, drop them an email or just unfollow them….
Anyway, point is, I like the short-to-the-point updates and news brief’s that pop up in my feed.

My Dad was having trouble following my tweets from the blogging plugin that I was running on my site, so try and make it a bit simpler, I have embedded a Twitter widget with my feed beside my blog.

Not sure its going to work all that well on your iphone Matt B, but Im sure you will let me know if it breaks it somehow…. I thought about putting it on its own page, but that’s yet another page that you need to click through to check for new content, I’m all about quick and simple one stop updates… so I have (crudely) mashed the two onto one page.

Let me know how you go viewing it (or, Dad, if it slows your page load down too much) and if you think its better.