Road Trip.

Amy has moved to Idaho.
In order to get her there, the other parts of the family did a little road trip.
We brought some little walki-talkies, a paper map, got the GPS working in each car and off they went.
Temecula to Coeur d’alene (and back for Freddy and Terry). Some 3000 miles, 4800 km’s all up.

Somehow Freddy managed to fit Amys bedroom into the boot of the Passat and the Smart, so off they went.


We all head off at the same time (6:45am). I get halfway to work and my phone goes off, its the crew, the drivers window on the Passat has fallen down into the door and wont come up…..
They are in the car park of the local coffee shop.
I turn around and head back. Using my Leatherman and a few of the tools in the Smart Car, we get the inside of the door off, but VW in their quest for a quiet car, have put a metal plate inside the door frame to seal it even tighter. This slowed me down, so we head home to the garage where I can get a bigger hammer…..

Once we managed to pry that inner cover off, we simply cut a tomato stake into two lengths and zip tied them in place.

Delayed now an hour, off they went.

By all accounts, it was a smooth trip.

Along the way, the Passat ticked over the beautiful number of 100,000 miles;


Hope she has a few more miles left in her… Gots to get Terry through college(s) yet.

Here is Amy and Trevor out the front of their place.


(Can you tell I did not take the photos? We are heading up at xmas, so better photos should be acquired at that time).

It was a full two day trip up, spent a bunch of money getting them set up, and full two day trip back.
But, its all done. We have Skyped with them a few times since, and its nice to have a bit of a virtual tour (for me) of the house.
Amy has applied for a few jobs, see how that works out for her in due course.

Its a lot quieter around here without her.