Our old place in Yendon has been sold….

Looking at the photos, they sure did change a lot of it…..
Not sure I like the stark white walls everywhere, but the staircase up to my workshop in the roof is a big change….

Mixed feelings looking at it.
I liked that house. The kids pretty much grew up in that house…..

Huh. What’s the chances… Our other old joint in Buninyong has also been sold.

Yeah, it still looks much the same.
They took down the blinds on the back deck that Freddy saved so hard for and made the area a lot more useful…. But they get dusty and need cleaning from time to time….
Good to see the tree-house is still standing… They took the garden out that was in front of it…. My fig tree was in there….Bahhh.

Both look odd not having lush green lawns… They look out of place in my brain. Just too used to the green stuff over here I guess.

Ok, well, thats that trip down memory lane…..