New Tires

I got a new pair of shoes.


We were joking that they were new tires…. Malcolm wanted to call them new paws, but thats just Mal.

Anyway, I have been tracking all my runs with an App/program called Runkeeper.
Not been real happy with it.
Two main reasons, it has no clue of time. No matter what time I run, it randomly subtracts between 3 and 12 hours from them. Pretty annoying.
The other reason Benson had told me about, but had not popped up on my radar till yesterday…… Runkeeper does not offer shoe mileage tracking….

Shoes, just like tires, wear out. You need to keep track of how many miles you have done in each pair of shoes to make sure you dont over run them and end up blowing a knee joint or something.
Benson has been putting codes for each shoe into Runkeeper after each run, but then to figure out how many total miles, he has to look back at each runs comment and tally up the miles with the shoe code.
I dont have as many miles invested in Runkeeper (~550) as Benson (4000+), so it was not too late for me to think about swapping.

This morning, I took my new tires for a run.

first strava run

Terry has been tracking his Bike rides with Strava since I lent him the phone that I won for taking photos of my Smart Car.
He loves both the Moto X (he calls it his non-phone since its not on a plan and so its pretty much just a small Android tablet) and Strava, so I thought I would give it a go.

It got the time of my run right, and it allows shoe tracking.

strava shoe tracking

You can see it in the bottom right there.

So, for now, I might keep track in both apps, but I suspect that I am done with Runkeeper. Strava just seems far more suited for runners (and riders).

I suspect that before long I will pony up for the 70 bucks a year and get the full suite of features that they offer.

Oh, and since the new tires are exactly the same as the current ones, I’m very happy… the black/red and green looks pretty cool as well.