Australia 2014

Been in Australia for the past 3 weeks. Got back today.
So, now that you know that…. The fact that I have not blogged for a month…. is now 100% forgiven?

Right then. Glad we got that cleared up.

Freddy and I really cant work out how to do the trip in anything less than 3 weeks. We just cant.
Anyway, we did much the same this year as last. Fly in, get up to Ballarat for a few days, then up to Shepparton and Uranquinty, then down to Torquay (not Bright like in past years), then Freddy went to Melbourne and I went back to Ballarat, then we both ended up at Melbourne for one night, last night. Off to the airport…um… this morning?
Yeah, we arrived back in LA 2 hours before we left on the same day.

It was great to not only see everyone (well, nearly everyone. There is just not enough time to see everyone – sorry if we missed you), but it was also great to get back in the country. There is so much that comes with Australia that cant be summed up or written in words…. You just have to experience it, then move away from it, then go back to it…. Then you really get it. Its an amazing country / culture / experience.

Photos. I took some.
You can see them in my photo album on the photo page.
There are a few more on my facebook photography page.
(Reminder, you don’t need a Facebook account to see the photos).

I think the photos pretty much wrap up the trip. So we will mostly leave the trip at that (for now).

With regard to this blog, I had a chat to my mates over there and they all gave me a bit of a different view on the blog with one common thread…….. They all said they enjoy reading what I am up to.
So, with that in mind, I will be blogging (well, plan to blog) a little more free and lose…. Rather than ‘waiting’ till I have a structured blog in mind and take some time to get it together, I am going to try and just blog stuff as it happens. Less structured, less formatted, more of a live brain dump.
The conciseness among my mates is that you all like different aspects of what we are up to and you are more than happy to do the censoring, long or short, tech or lifestyle, what ever I blog, you guys assure me you will sift it and pick the bits that interest you, but you want the tap opened a bit more.

So, we will try it and see how it goes.
(To that end, I have added my Instagram feed to the photo menu – I will also be adding more ‘official’ photos to my photo album, but the day-to-day happy snaps I take with my phone are now on this site – that was one of the other main comments, you all want everything I do on this site…. a one stop shop for all things from thebaldgeek).