Can’t miss.

This one is for my mate Matt (BA).

It’s not so much the gun, but the gun sight.

The technology works like this: A shooter designates a target using a small button on the rifle’s trigger guide. This target can be moving up to 30 mph. Once the target is mapped, a Linux-based system housed in the optics casing calculates all the variables needed to hit that mark. When the shooter is ready to fire, they pull the trigger all the way back, yet the gun fires only when they line the crosshairs up with designated mark one more time. The system assesses the effects of gravity and Coriolis force. When the bullet leaves the barrel it always hits its mark. The shooter cannot miss.

So why am I blogging about a gun here?

Because its all possible due to a SBC. Yup. The gun sight is based around a single board computer….. Which one we don’t know, and frankly, don’t need to know…. Just that it’s a small computer running Linux.

They are popping up all over the place, giving things intelligence that in the past was, well, frankly, up to people to spend years developing the skills and experience to operate expertly.
Now, taking a 1 mile sniper shot is like playing a video game. Paint the target, pull the trigger, paint the target again and boom. Dead.
From a mile away.