Patio cover

When you get some solar panels, (more on these in a future blog) you need somewhere to put them.

new patio video grab

I’m watching the guys build it right now in real time….. Very very cool…

The cool thing is that I am not that distanced from the tech that I can still appreciate just what has gone into making this view possible.

Perhaps distance is not the right way to put it… More a case of both I am old enough to remember a time when there was no Internet and when there was not streaming video over the Internet!
Perhaps it has also got something to do with the fact that the computer that is streaming the video was a gift from a mate and it’s running Linux which I installed and only know how to do that as a result of knowledge handed down to me from another mate.

People are important. Skills are important. People teaching other people those skills is very cool.

Its a patio cover. I’m watching it getting built over streaming video from my house. Crazy.