North of LA.

Been a little while since I yelled at the computer, so I thought I would just check in and let you guys know I am here, but not here…..
We are at our yearly church retreat. This year, rather than heading back to Australia as we have done many times in the past, we are just north of LA.
It’s nice enough, but the weather is exactly the same as Temecula, which is weird.

I am sort of keeping up with my RSS addiction. I see VW is still making the news. The question now is how they are going to fix 11 million cars to pass smog tests AND keep their owners happy. Leading answer thus far? They cant.

Apple have come out with version 9 of their OS and its meh. They also have released a new iPhone…. 6s. Now when you get angry at your phone and press the screen harder to make it do what you want, it does more of what you don’t want…. Force touch is a thing now. I can only hope that it does not make it to Android… why am I even hoping…..

Fossil is looking to launch a smart watch. Yes. Its huge. My name’s Ben and I’m excited. (We will see if they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory or not).

I am still waiting for my 2 most exciting Kickstater projects. Blah. They are only a year late…….(Pass me the Vodka).

Got some new runners. Have not done as many miles as I would like, but its kind of nice to be on holidays and not having to run to get some stress release?

My IP address changed and I did not yet get my auto update script working, so my site was down for many hours. No excuse. No. I have not done the auto update yet.

Note to self. Do not go for a walk on a golf course.