Cardboard car

Who knew, but somewhere in me is some sort of weird hybrid artist / design or something gene.
I guess I got a wiff of it at the end of my 360 project all those years back.

Anyway, I am starting to see and appreciate design around me more and more as time goes by.
Design matters. How it’s built is not just about how it functions, but also how it looks and works.
Something can work, but not function very well, or the other way around, it may well do it’s function, but be a lot of work.

User interfaces get similar treatment from me. I still think of the graphical interface the team at Opto 22 came up with for Deepsea Challenger as a classic example.

So, I guess my point is, when I see stuff like this video, I don’t blow it off like I used to, but rather will take a few minutes to listen and look. To take something away from what they these guys saw, a vision… A car made out of cardboard…..