1 billion bucks

The mind boggles. I like my gadgets, but wow, this takes it to a whole new level….

Not sure if it is making it downunder yet, but Black Friday is the Boxing day equivalent. Crazy deals (you know, one tv cheap to suck people in and the rest at 5 bucks off) that people do crazy stuff to get (one lady last year took pepper spray to the store to keep other shoppers away from her desired deal).

Well, of course, China could not be left out.
They now have their version of the ‘big sale’… Take a guess at how much money one online retailer made on said sale….. Oh, wait, the answer to that is the title of the blog.. Ok, well, guess how long it took to make that amount of money.


Eight minutes. That was how long it took Alibaba to hit $1 billion in sales today on Single’s Day, China’s Black Friday equivalent.

By midday, that amount had crossed US$9 billion, equalling Alibaba’s take for the whole day last year.

Now, to be clear, Alibaba do not just sell gadgets, but everything. They are the Amazon (eBay) of that part of the world.
But, that is still a lot of goods. A. Lot.

I just find it interesting that there is that much money out there. How much of that billion dollars was spent on food or water?