UPS shipping

A blog for some other time, but my Moto 360 watch died.
I miss, like really miss, having a smartwatch, so what to replace it with?

The list is both lackluster and expensive.
This is the very reason I was nursing the Moto along for so long, I just did not find anything that I was happy with to replace it.
The day it blew up Terry and I went to the local Best Buy (the same one you got your laptop from Gary) and looked over the selection.
The Garmins were interesting, but expensive and had almost no apps.
The fitbits were not smart enough.
Almost went with a Microsoft SmartBand, but the notifications were not detailed enough.
I knew that a Pebble was not going to be visible enough.
The latest crop of always on watches are around 400 bucks. Waaaaay out of my price range.
The one that took my attention the most was also out of my range at $350 and so we walked dejectedly out of the store.

eBay to the rescue. Turns out you can get a referb version of the one I sorta liked for $170. Samsung Gear S.
Photos will be forth coming, along with a hopefully not yelling review.

So, I pulled the trigger, clicked the mouse button and ordered the watch.
Here then, finally, is the topic of the blog.

Take a look at how UPS figured this was the best way to send me the watch!

ups watch route

Ok, that’s the tracking details that I have been keeping an eye on.
Now, unless you are somewhat familiar with the layout of the good old USA, that might not look too scary. I mean, the thing is on time for 2 day shipping right? What’s the big deal about it?

Well, take a look at a map of the route it took…..

ups watch map

Thats nuts. Just nuts.
I have no idea at all how anyone makes any money from sending something slightly more than halfway across the country…. the aviation fuel needed, the manual handling, the sorting…. I just can not wrap my little head around how this is the most efficient route to get a watch from north of me.
I. Just. Cant.

Should get the watch tonight when Freddy picks it up for me.