BeagleBone Blue

New single board computer just been announced.

The BeagleBone Blue.
(I am NOT going to rant about the broken marketing department naming on this one… Their original was the BeagleBone Black, or BBB, their next one was the BeagleBone Green, BBG, so far so good, why oh why then would you name your third one BBB????)

Right then, naming aside, why am I excited about this one?

On board the BeagleBone Blue is a 2 cell LiPo charger with cell balancing and a 6-16 V charger input.
Sensors include a nine axis IMU and barometer.
Unlike all previous BeagleBones, the BeagleBone Blue also comes with wireless networking: 802.11bgn, Bluetooth 4.0 and BLE. USB 2.0 client and host ports are also included.

Finally, a computer with built in connectivity options!!!!!
The battery port is a plus as well.
This thing also has a bunch of robot parts on it, but I am looking at it for its connection options.

Very Sweet.