Wind turbines

A few months back we were sent by Opto to make what we call a ‘case study’ video of a company that uses our gear.
In this case, the company was in central California and they used it to monitor and control a wind turbine farm.

The case study is all wrapped up and you can see the results here;

My role was simply to interview the guy and take what we call B-Roll, that is video footage that gets edited into the interview to support what the guy is saying. I did not video much of it, we had my co-worker (Amy calls him my cell mate) up there with us.
Paul also edited the video, so if you like what you saw, it was all him…. He is a wizard with the video and photography side of things.

Anyway, this blog is more to show some of the stuff that we get up to for work, and give a small taste of what our product can be used to do.

[As an aside, we had to have two goes at getting this video, the first time we went up there was a massive storm and the freeway got shut down by a landslide. We were infact, in the hills above the freeway taking video footage of the storm and the turbines when it happen. Be sure and check out this link to see how bad it was.

It was a very serious event, thankfully no one was hurt.
Because we were on the top of the hill that was getting washed away, we had no idea. We were so focused on doing our job of getting video footage to use, that we did not get many shots of us getting the shots.
Here is a few;
The storm is just starting to brew in this shot. We packed up and headed up into the hills just after this and that’s when things really got going.

Here is one of a bus that drove through some action. We took this the next day at a servo.

Here is a shot that explains really well why we did not know what was happening just below us on the freeway….
Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 3.39.55 PM

When you are getting stills and video footage like that… who cares about a bit of rain…..

Anyway, it was adventure and the next time we went up a few weeks later the weather was fine and we did the interview and got the job done.]