Back but busy

We are back from our 8 day church retreat. It was a good time away, Freddy and I managed to ballance it with social time, quiet time and together time. All in all, very profitable for the mind, body and spirit.

We are still busy at work with the Inductive Automation Exam. Going to be at it for a few more weeks. The stress of getting it done is overflowing into home life, so we have not been, nor will we, be blogging much till we get it out of the way I suspect.
I want to tinker with a few things, but lack the energy and mental focus till we are done with it.

For personal reasons our year starts and ends at different times, so for the most part, we are looking into a new year from here.
Goals for the coming year.
I want to get two robots sorted this year, it’s been too long for them sitting in the garage. More will be said when we get to them.
I have a double deck fridge in the lounge room that Freddy and I want to get running under Opto control, the idea is to see if the smaller (but dual temperature range) fridge can take the contents of the wine fridge in the garage, then we can sell that one and make some more storage space.
Want to get the solar batteries and inverter moved from the back patio to the Drone Room and running the computer gear.
Lastly, I want to get the doors sorted out on the Smart Car (aka, make them lighter).

In among all this we hope to plan a road trip to Canada.

So that’s the plans for this year. I’m sure, without a doubt, that there will be many things that will spoil these plans, hopes and dreams, but eh, gotta start somewhere.