New seismograph

My names thebaldgeek and I am addicted to Kickstarter.
(Am I allowed to say that more than once per session?)

I got me a new seismograph!
Yeah yeah, its pretty much exactly the same as the old one and yes, I am a little disappointed on just how similar it is, but eh, no going back.

The new one looks pretty much exactly the same as the old one.
The main board is a little bigger now. This one is powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 vs the 2 in the old one.
This one also has my name laser etched in it, same as the last one.
(Its a perk for backing their kickstarter campaign).

I don’t care what you think, I’m telling you, this is the best looking seismic vault in Southern California. It just is…..
Cost me a packet of both money and honey-love to get the thing installed, so yeah, it is pretty!
I still need to fix the lid (under the fake rock in the middle) better, but its working for now.

Here they are side by side. Old and new.
I wanted to run the two of them in the same vault to compare them for a good while. (Mostly because I have not found a home for the original one just yet).
There were reports of this new one running hotter than the old one by way too much. I can now report, its about 10 dec C, so not so much at all.
In a nut shell, the new one is supposed to have more axies of data, and it does, they are just super noisy, so are of little value 99% of the time.
They supposedly come into play as soon as you have a ‘close’ earth quake.
Hey, I live in SoCal, should not have to wait long…..

Here is a crummy literal screenshot of the two traces side by side on my groov screen.
I can honestly say, after running them for a few weeks now, there is no difference in the main trace.
Sad thing is, the company that puts them out has already hinted that there is another Kickstarter campaign next year with new hardware….. Bleh.

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