Terry doing Node-RED

Can’t believe that this has not been blogged about till now…..
Last night, on my usual Tuesday night phone call with my Dad, I mentioned that Terry will be back at Opto for a winter internship. Dad asked what he will be doing, I said, just like his summer internship, he will be making videos, I already have three subjects picked out for him…. Dad said, what videos did he do in the summer?

This is one of about 5.

You can probably see the others listed in the sidebar if you go to YouTube to watch it, I won’t bother listing them out.
Enough to say, they are on a very popular topic, Node-RED, so they are doing really well (10,000 views in 2 months!!!!!).
He presents well, so we are delighted to have him back for a few short weeks over the winter, not only but also, he programs waaaaaay better than I do and it comes out in the video.